Worried about Hair loss?

Lahore Laser Clinic

"Fue -follicular unit extraction is a most demanding technique of hair transplant in Pakistan like abroad due to non linear scar in the donor area and stitches free procedure.

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Worried About Hair Loss ?

Best FUE Hair Transplant Solution

The most effective & Paint Free technique to treat hair loss permanently is known as FUE hair transplant .

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We provide treatments of hair loss and baldness. We are specialized in Fue hair transplant and restoration. Male and female hair loss patients can get unbiased and honest opinion from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

FUE Hair Transplant

No linear scar and stitches involved in this latest hair restoration technique.


PRP For Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP hair loss treatment


Women Hair Restoration

Hair thinning and female pattern baldness is a treatable condition.




FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Today, both male and female are inflicted from the condition of baldness. It has become major concern worldwide, because it directly affects one’s self esteem. In order to get rid of this psychological trauma, many surgical and medical treatments are available. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an authority on Fue hair transplant in Lahore -Pakistan and offering this procedure at his clinic for the last many years. If you can see his before and after results, testimonials and reviews , it will be easier for you to decide where to get fue hair transplant in Lahore . Many non-surgical products are available in the markets, but these do not guarantee optimum results. Moreover, these companies also do not claim any sort of side effects caused by these products. So, if you really desire reliable results, go for surgical treatment!

Amongst most common methods, FUE (Follicular hair extraction) and Strip extraction are often preferred. Strip extraction is a convectional technique, and is also painful. On the contrary, FUE is widely used today because of the advantages it carries over strip extraction. In Pakistan, FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) is most widely used for hair restoration process. This technique is popular amongst the surgeons because it is reliable, and provides scar-less hair restoration. Moreover, the end result is also natural and new hairs are undetectable.

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